Egg-Stra Eggs!

Added on November 10, 2016

Great news! We now have 2 egg suppliers, so we should have adequate supplies to meet demand for now, where we have typically been short in recent months.

We will continue to offer the lovely certified organic eggs from Blackbird Organics in Cawston, AND, we will now also have eggs that are raised to organic standards on a permaculture, off-grid farm in Sorrento, called HighCroft Farm. (HighCroft Farm is also in transition to organic certification, but they do not have their final documentation, so we will list them separately until that is complete.)

Both sources will be listed at $7/dz, recognizing that this is a fair price for eggs that are pastured and supplemented with certified organic feed (which is MUCH more costly than conventional feed for our suppliers). We have increased our own margin as well to cover our admin and transportation costs and to include a small profit.

We hope you’ll be happy with both sources! Visit the farms at: and

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